La La Land - Justin Hurwitz - Soundtrack Review

The original idea to talk about Danny Elfman’s score for “Edward Scissorhands”, I skipped after seeing “La La Land”. What a great movie, and what a great score! Therefore, this score will be discussed this week. The movie I heard a lot about “La La Land” before finally seeing it. In general, I am not a big fan of watching a musical on screen. I prefer to see them on stage, but I was finally curious to watch it because so many people were talking about it. I did not read any reviews, I never watched a movie of the director or listened to any music of the composer and could not even remember if I ever watched a movie with Emma Stone. Of course, I saw a few movies with Ryan Gosling, e.g. “The I

Happy 88th Birthday, Jerry!

This week, because of Jerry Goldsmith’s 88th birthday at February, 10th , just some very personal notes. Without doubt, Jerry Goldsmith is the most gifted film music composer ever! Hans Zimmer might be more popular, John Williams composed for more popular movies, John Barry is famous because of “James Bond”, and James Horner very well-known for the James Cameron collaboration, but Jerry was the most-gifted and had the most variable composing style. What Jerry truly missed in his career, was a big hit score, but perhaps this was also because of this complex composing style. Jerry’s music is not so easy listening such as Zimmer’s scores. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I discovered

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