“The past is the key to the future…” – an interview with the great Michael J. Lewis

A few weeks ago while writing my latest post about the soundtracks of Michael J. Lewis; I decided to write him an email. I heard from some film music friends that Michael is very keen to keep contact with his fans, so perhaps he might also answer some questions from a film music fan sitting in Germany? And, I was lucky! I really have to say: Thank you Michael J. Lewis for the effort you put in answering my questions. So, please have a look at the following interview: Stefan: Thank you so much for your kind words and your willingness to answer some questions of a fan. MJL: Thank you Stefan, for your intelligent and stimulating questions. It is my pleasure to provide answers to the best of my

Michael J. Lewis - soundtracks and film music to discover

This week, I want to talk about a composer that is highly under-rated, the great Michael J. Lewis. Michael J. Lewis, born January 11, 1939, in Wales, is still alive. I sent him an email a few days ago and asked him for an interview, and he agreed to answer my questions. That is a way to make fans happy! I will post this interview as soon as he replied. I cannot remember what was the first movie soundtrack composed by him that Isaw, but I am sure Roger Moore’s “Fflokes” was one of them. This British action movie from 1979 starring Anthony Perkins as the head of a terrorist group is still an enjoyable one. Moore’s character is a kind of parody of his James Bond-image, and Moore gives a great p

E.T. - John Williams - Soundtrack Review

John Williams‘soundtrack to Steven Spielberg’s „E.T.“ is a great one, a classic and overall just a masterpiece. Williams received with this soundtrack his fourth Oscar, and he highly deserved it for this fabulous soundtrack. The movie “E.T.” was also one of the first movies I saw as a child in the movie theatre and it is still one of my best childhood memories. The film holds a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and in addition to the many impressed critics, President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan were moved by it after a screening at the White House on June 27, 1982. Princess Diana was even in tears after watching it. On September 17, 1982, it was screened at the United Nations, and

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