Elmer Bernstein - The Ten Commandments - Soundtrack Review

This week, let’s discuss another epic score for an epic movie of Hollywood’s Great Times. Normally, these movies will be shown around Christmas holidays, but I was in the mood to discuss this score this week, and I did not talk so much about one of my favourite composer - Elmer Bernstein - on my blog so far. Therefore, it is time for another score by him, this week “The Ten Commandments”. The movie I watched the movie when I was a teenager and still like it. Cecil B. DeMille did a remake of his own movie, and Charlton Heston played the first time a role of these ancient times before he played the leading role in the famous “Ben Hur”. At the time of the release, “The Ten Commandments” was the

The Miss Marple movies - Ron Goodwin - Soundtrack Review

When you ask people who are not film music enthusiasts: “Who is Ron Goodwin?”, you normally get a reply such as “I have no idea”, but you tell them he is the composer of the music for the Miss Marple films with Margaret Rutherford, they immediately remember the song and the famous theme. Ron Goodwin’s music to these movies is a big part of my childhood. We had to wait until 2012 to finally get a good CD with the famous music, and I was happy like a little child when I finally hold this CD in my hands. Let’s start with some basic comments about the author, the movies and the music. Author Agatha Christie Agatha Christie (1890 –1976) is famous for her 66 detective novels and especially for cre

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - John Williams - Soundtrack Review

Hope, you all had a nice New Year’s Eve! I wish you all a Happy New Year 2016! The first soundtrack review of the new year is the John Williams’ new soundtrack to the new “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”. I did not discuss any of the Star Wars scores on my website so far, so let’s take this one even though I do not think it is the best soundtrack of the series. The music for the trailer raised the expectations so high that some people like me gets disappointed when they had the chance to listen to the music in a quiet moment: The movie I watched the movie last week and have to say it was better than I expected. I am a big fan of the first Star Wars trilogy – episodes 4 to 6 -, and really do n

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