Link - Jerry Goldsmith - Soundtrack Review

For the last week of 2015, another of my favorite scores, Jerry Goldsmith’s “Link”. The movie "Link" is a 1986 British horror film starring Elisabeth Shue and Terence Stamp along with a trio of simian stars which consist of Locke as Link, Jed as Imp, and Carried as Voodoo. The title character, "Link", is a super-intelligent yet malicious chimpanzee (played by an orangutan) who lashes out against his masters when they try to have him euthanised. Jerry Goldsmith worked with Australian director Richard Franklin the second time together. The first collaboration was “Psycho 2”, the sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic “Psycho” based on the book by Richard Bloch. I will discuss Bernard Herr

The Holiday - Hans Zimmer - Soundtrack Review

This is the second time, I am posting a review during the Christmas holidays, and I have to thank you all for supporting me and reading my posts in the last months. Without you, I would be a writer without an audience…. The movie This year, Hans Zimmer’s “The Holiday”, a lovely soundtrack for a lovely movie. "The Holiday" is a 2006 romantic comedy film written, produced and directed by Nancy Meyers. Co-produced by Bruce A. Block, it was filmed in both California and England, and stars Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz as Iris and Amanda, two lovelorn women from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, who arrange a home exchange to escape heartbreak during the Christmas and holiday season. Jude Law

The Coolangatta Gold - Bill Conti - Soundtrack Review

This week one of Bill Conti’s best scores, one of my most favorite ones, and one of the best scores to a sports movie ever. The movie “The Coolangatta Gold” is a 1984 Australian film which led to the establishment of the iron man race “The Coolangatta Gold.” Writer Peter Schreck and director Igor Auzins had previously worked together on “We of the Never Never” in 1982. They wanted to do a contemporary love story in the sports genre, and originally thought of doing a $1.5 million film shot in Bondi. The plot is very simple: Joe Lucas is determined that his son Adam becomes a champion iron man. He neglects his younger son, Steve, who is an aspiring band manager and enjoys karate, as well as

Rachel Portman - The Legend of Bagger Vance - Soundtrack Review

This is the first soundtrack review on my website about a soundtrack that was composed by a woman, not because I am a macho that does not like a woman as a film music composer, the reason is that there are not so many. Is film music or music in general an art that is more suitable for men? Are men more creative than women? Oh, I should stop writing now, otherwise feminists will kill me. The composer Except Shirley Walker, Rachel Portman the only female film music composer I know. Portman, born 1960 in England, is well-know for her soundtrack for “The Cider House Rules” (1999), the movie based on John Irving’s book, one of his best books, but I still prefer “A Prayer for Oven Meany” (1989)

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