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This website is the result of my passion, my passion for orchestral film music. I want to create a place for all film music fans to celebrate the best soundtracks ever, and I will publish each Friday one soundtrack which I recommend to buy or just to listen to.


I started listening to film music as a child, exactly as a teenager. It was the cheapest way to get music. I connected my radio cassette recorder, yes, I was born in the 70s, to the TV set, and here we go: whenever I liked a soundtrack of a film, I plugged in the cable and recorded the music. It was long ago before film music fans were able to buy CDs like today.


1989, I discovered Jerry Goldsmith, I could not remember which soundtrack it was exactly but I am sure it was "The Secret of Nimh". I still love this music, it has a deep place in my heart. I admired Goldsmith's elegant composing style, his sense for melodies, his sense for drama, and his ability to write themes for each character!


One of the next soundtracks was "Explorers", my God, what a great soundtrack! The movie is crap, sorry Joe Dante, I love you for "Gremlins" and "The Burbs" but this movie is crap, but the music, especially the first track, this combination of electronics and orchestra, the melody, and then the last track of the score, nearly 10 minutes long, full of ideas.... As Jerry fall in love with Ingrid Bergman in Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious", I fall in love with Jerry's music after listenting to "The Secret of Nimh" and "Explorers", and I bought the soundtrack, and started to spend money on soundtracks, a lot of money...


I listened to his music for nearly 10 years each day, my classmates looked at me a little strange because I was a fan of a nearly 50 year old American composer and not of the latest pop music star, and I still love Jerry's music. Jerry, if you are reading this right now, I am so sad that you passed away but your music will live forever.


So, this page is for celebrating film music, real film music. I know that songs are a big part of soundtracks, and some songs are great, but this is not the place to celebrate songs. I want to recommend orchestral soundtracks, so here we go.


A little bit about myself: I was born January 11, 1973, in Germany, born and raised in a small town near Stuttgart, studied German Literature, Psychology and Sociology in Augsburg and started to work for KirchMedia, the second biggest entertainment company at that time. I was buying American movies for the German market, loved this job, but due to the e-commerce bubble, this company crashed. I kept working for the movie industry, and I am still working as a freelance editor and proof-reader for movie scripts. If you need help with some scripts, I have always time for this...


In the last years, I worked for Microsoft in the field of business development, inside sales and event management, changed from MS to SAP, spent three years in Shanghai, working for a local Chinese SAP company, and then I went to Hult International Business School and studied International Marketing in San Francisco and Dubai. While starting this blog, I was working for Google in Mountain View. Since 2016, I am living and working in London. But wherever I am, I am carrying my amazing film music with me.






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