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Here is a list of my 10 favorite soundtracks ever...

The following list is a list of my all-time favourite soundtracks, and, of course, this list is very subjective. I do not say that the following soundtracks are the best soundtracks ever, these are just soundtracks which I like very much, resulting from different reasons.


I know that "Star Wars" is considered as one of the best soundtracks in the world, but it is not my favourite one. I like special tracks from "Star Wars" but not the whole sountracks. Personally, I like "The Fury" and "Dracula" more than the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" soundtracks, and I prefer Jerry Goldsmith to John Williams in general. Same for "Rocky", Bill Conti is one of my most favourite composer and "Rocky" one of the best soundtracks ever, I just prefer "North and South" and other soundtracks of this composer. Please release finally the full score of "The Thomas Crown Affaire"!


There are a lot of composers which I like very much even though they are not in the following list but that does not mean I do not like a special soundtrack; I just do like the following scores more. I personally consider Hans Zimmer's "Backdraft" as one of the most enjoyable ones because it has a real theme and it not very similiar his latest soundtracks which I do not like very much. Can you really say if a special track is from his "Superman" or his "Batman" scores? Be honest, you can't, and finally, Goldsmith's "Deep Rising" is just great fun to listen to, and there I added it to his list.



The Burbs!The-Burbs-Jerry-Goldsmith/cu6k/54cd75570cf2cb6524687a57



Under Fire



Gremlins 2!Gremlins-2-Jerry-Goldsmith-Soundtrack-Review/cu6k/562bb4b90cf2f4d93f173300



The Great Train Robbery




The Fury





North and South!North-and-South-Bill-Conti-Soundtrack-Review/cu6k/54cd75220cf26e566089121a






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